Monday, January 15, 2018

Craving for some delicious Freakshakes? head to Here's what's cookin

We were craving for some freakshake and zomato had some good reviews about this place and there freakshakes so without further ado we headed to this place.

Its a tiny place, cant really call it a restraunt it is more like a parking area of a building covered and converted into a food joint. Was not very happy by the look of the place but still decided to order some food before jumping to any conclusions.

They have a collection of books aswell as games. Though this place is way too dimly lit for reading and also can get quite noisy as its small, and tables are quite close to each other, so reading doesnt look like an option here, but games like snakes and ladder , uno, jenga are good additions to the place.

We had plans to try alot of things , started with a chicken noodle and choclate freakshake.
The Noodles were good, the quantity was good for two moderately hungry people. Than came the freakshake and I was completely in love, beautiful looking shake loaded with whipped cream, melted choclate, biscuits and what not. was pure bliss. even the freakshake was very heavy and good for two people.

Just two items from the menu filled us up we couldnt order anything else, but definately would come back to try the other things on the menu.

Overall a very pocket friendly place with good portion of food and amazing freakshakes.
Do give it try and share your experience would love to hear them.
Have a great day :)

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Wine Capital Of India: The Vineyards of Nasik

July is here and my favorite season of the year too, I just love rains so like every other year We packed our bags and headed straight to one of the best places to be during monsoon, My Hometown "Nasik" :)
At the rate at which people are traveling these days the day is not far when Nasik would become one of the tourist destination as it has everything from beautiful calm hills to splendid sceneries, vineyards, unexplored places and of course religious places that most of the people come here for.
So today I would cover one of the chapters of our monsoon trip to Nasik which is "The Vineyard"

Chapter 01 : The Vineyards of Nasik

So we reached Nasik early morning and it was beautiful, the weather was just perfect, cold breeze with light drizzle just made the whole atmosphere magical, we just had handful days to soak in the monsoon completely so we decided to start with the vineyards as we were quite tired from our travel to go trekking already :P

Sula Vineyards:
We started the winery expedition with Sula Vineyards, one of the most known names even outside Nasik..the winery is spread across huge acres of land and during monsoon, everything just turns into a lush green paradise.
Sula has two restaurants "Soma" and "Little Italy" one amphitheater which you could rent out for your special occasions too, a resort "Beyond by Sula" and a tasting room in their Nasik estate.
They offer tours and tasting which is conducted throughout the year except for the dry days, it takes place every hour, you could check out more details about Sua vineyards here:

York :
York is just 2 km from Sua vineyards and if you are someone who wants to avoid the crowd then this is a place for you as it is less crowded than Sula and has an equally splendid view of the Gangapur dam. They offer tours and tasting too.though this facility is not as huge as Sula but it is a must visit if you are a wine lover.

you could check out more details about York here :

Soma Wine Village:

Soma vineyard is another beautifully located place with their own resort and a spectacularly close view of the Gangapur Dam.this one is also spread across huge acres of land and is a treat to the eyes with beautiful green surroundings.

You could find all information about Soma wine village here :

There are many more vineyards in Nasik but due to time constraints, we decided to check them out in our next trip..Some of the ones that we could not cover were:

-Grover Zampa Vineyards -
-Vallonne Vineyards          -

If there are any other winery that I missed do comment below and also do let us know your favorite pick :)