Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Love You..I Love You Not?

Everyday.. in fact every minute a couple is tying a knot in different part's of the world.
Some to their childhood sweethearts (Awww.. the most romantic types)
Some just bump into each other to realize they were meant for each other (brilliant..the "I just got lucky" types)
and then there are some who take the arrange marriage way and surprisingly enough discover that they couldn't have asked for a better life partner (wow..how filmy)

Unfortunately everyone is not as committed or lucky.
Relationships can be tricky and in today's world they have become much more fragile, the durability quotient has gone down drastically
Of course,with so much option available why waste time on fixing things when they can be easily replaced,
this is the approach which has changed the scenario of present generation relationships.

We are the "confused generation" we want money, we want love, we want independence and we are not ready to sacrifice, we want everything without compromising on anything, when this type falls in love it generally doesn't last too long.

This people start as "friends" and with time grow closer and then after a couple of years face a confrontation session and that's enough to break the relationship and find for a replacement.
It generally starts with a simple phrase when one of the two express there liking for the other saying,
"I think i like you"(well there are many other ways of saying it basically it will have the word "like"
somewhere in the whole sentence)
Now that's so sweet who doesn't want to be liked by friends,such a harmless word..isn't it ( no it isn't...its a trap)from here on it is just going to introduce more confusion in your life.
You will spend more time together, you will go places together, your priorities will change, even YOU will change(its not too late yet just "STOP")  but no, you will still continue without giving any thought to were it is heading and all this because you like been liked and you love the attention you are getting, everything seems to be so nice until a fellow friend/family/ or anyone around you could see what you choose to ignore and decides to throw the million dollar question at you..so, whats going on between you two? and there comes the famous "I dont know what you are talking about reaction"
errrm we are good friends errrm actually more than good friends errmm or may ... i dunno and than you enter a self analysis phase were you start asking questions to yourself...
what am i doing? do we have a future together? is this really love?
you are so disturbed by now, that you decide to include the other person into it hoping to find the answers.
So till now everything was peaceful and rosy , life was good ( errm not anymore) now is the climax phase were as you must have guessed, the other person also has no idea whatsoever about whats going on between them.
Every question you throw will meet with a not very convincing " I DON'T KNOW" or I AM NOT SURE ( and there comes everything crashing down)
you suddenly realize that this was all sheer wastage of time but you are still hopeful that things might just get back on track..(which is never going to happen) after this conversation things change to never get back to what it used to be again, and it ends with "Maybe I am not ready for it yet", (that's the end just like that "OVER")
so something that starts with an I LIKE YOU might end with I AM NOT READY YET..
so next time someone says I LIKE YOU..Beware!!! (It is a never ending LOOP)

F.Y.I : people falling in this type do settle down at some point of their life & that's not because they
           are finally ready or have found true love or found the right person or whatever.. but simply because                they neither have the patience nor the energy to go through the "LOOP" again.