Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two Umbrella's and a Mango Tree

On a rainy Sunday afternoon,
Sitting beside the window i could see,
Two umbrellas and a mango tree.

They walked passed the mango tree,
Along the picturesque lake so carefree,
Facing the lake they settled down on a bench,
Two umbrellas and a wooden bench.

By now it just lightly drizzled,
Making the air smell so fresh and chiseled,
They sat there living the moment together,
Two umbrellas and the love in-between.

They spoke, they giggled, they laughed,
Poured hot tea in a single mug from a flask,
They shared it together like the love they did,
Two umbrellas and a cup of tea.

After hours of togetherness they headed back,
Walking along the same old track,
From were i was standing i could see,
Two umbrellas and a mango tree.