Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trip to Ganpatipule (with pics)

It had been a long time since I went on a trip with my parents..the last one I could remember was almost a decade back, so we decided to plan for a trip together, started jotting down on places we could visit, Ganpatipule seemed like the best option to us because of numerous reasons, so we finalized the dates and booked our tickets :)
The nearest station to reach Ganpatipule is Ratnagiri though there are different modes to reach Ratnagiri :
Train :   There are a lot of trains that helps you reach will find the list here :
 Bus :    There are busses available too for can book them at
 Flight :  The airport is located at a distance of 12km far from the main city.
             Tourists can take taxi or cab to reach Ratnagiri city comfortably.
             Flights are available for ratnagiri on
Road :   If you decide on doing a road trip you can find information about the direction on
              the following links:
            (mumbai to ganpatipule)
             (pune to Ganpatipule)

We took the mangla lakswadeep exp(12618) which started early morning 6am from nasik road station and reached Ratnagiri at 4.30 in the evening.
From Ratnagiri station to ganpatipule it is approximately another 45 km,there are auto rikshaws available right outside the station they will charge you 450 rs to reach Ganpatipule.

there is an option of bus as well but if you have senior citizen or kids its a better idea to stick to the autos.
It took us a little more than an hour to reach Ganpatipule and the drive was worth it,it is full of beautiful beach views and greenery.

We were a little skeptical about the weather but it was pleasantly cool even in the month of March.
As we were travelling in the first week of March( which is an off season) we dint really find any problems in finding an accommodation.

One of the best options you can find is the MTDC resort which is right on the beach and offers an amazing view.
You have to book your room at least a week in advance if you are travelling during peak season.

If the view is not a big deal for you than there are innumerable options to stay right outside the MTDC resort offering
accommodation for 1/3rd the price :)
So finally we settled down took a shower and headed right towards the beach :)

That's mom dad enjoying the sunset :)
We spend the evening relaxing on the beach, among the eatery options there are lot of nariyal paani,
chat and juice stalls along the beach and also couple of small pure veg hotels which offer snacks and dinner.

Food is average. if you are looking for non veg food MTDC is the only option though we did spot a small place offering nonveg food but was not very great taste wise.
The stalls and hotels around the beach closes down by 9pm which might be disappointing for the younger crowd but for us it was fine as we were just looking for a peaceful getaway free of pollution and noise and
Ganpatipule served the purpose very well.We had early dinner and spent some more time sitting besided the
beach listening to the waves crashing at the shore, it was truely serene.
For the next day we decided to do a site seeing ..there are a lot of travel agency in that area, they offer private cars(1.5 to 2k approx) as well as vehicle on sharing basis for site seeing..they also offer a lot of packages ..half day ..full day and even a 2 days package..we booked for the ganpatipule-pawas package which was a half day thing.
The next day started early for us, we were on the beach at around 6.30 itself and the view was amazing.
The temple as seen from the beach 

took a morning walk on the beach and headed toward the temple, the pradakshina(walk around the temple) was around 1 km long and it was like a trek around the mountain.we enjoyed it thoroughly :)

We had our breakfast and got ready for the site seeing, started at around 10 am ..they were supposed to cover around 12 points from Ganpatipule to Pawas..out of which 3,4 were closed for renovation which we were not told about while booking x-( , some of the spots covered were:-
Lokmanya Tilak's birthplace:

Bhagwati Temple :

Thibaw Palace:
Prachin kokan :

There were few more spots which I dint really care to click :P
We skipped few spots as the Ganpatipule beach seemed to be a better option for us to spend time :P, we were back to the beach by 4.30 pm... 
That's me relaxing on the beach ;)
I found the cloud patterns very interesting and ended up clicking a dozen of them :P

We sat there till the sun sank deep into the ocean was beautiful..This was one of the most clean,empty(may be because it was off season) and less exploited beach we had been to, Had an amazing time , highly recommended for families, couples and senior citizens :)
young crowd may not like this place as much for obvious reasons (no booze,everything closes at 9pm, even smoking is not allowed in some places.:P)
The next day we took the same train which was at 7.40 in the morning..we returned back happy and was indeed a peaceful and beautiful trip :)