Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vibes(Hitec City Branch)-Bad Experience

So I got this Vibes voucher in some mall which i had to scratch and win beauty services worth 15k or 7.5k I I won the 15k package which had a facial,head masage,haircut, manicure and some more stuff in it.
I thought of givin it a try called the Vibes(hitec city branch) and they said you will have to pay a service tax of 1685/- to avai the 15k package, sounded fair enough to me booked an evening appointment of  around 7pm .
I reached there at around 7.15pm..was already a bit disappointed with the interiors and the receptionist but still decided to give it a try..they informed me that all the services cant be taken on the same day so i decided to go with the manicure and head massage and haircut and rest of the things she booked me an appointment for next day 9am as i had to travel the next day afternoon.The hair wash they said would be charged and added another 150 to the service taxes, I agreed to it and paid the amount.I asked the receptionist what products they used and she replied saying of course "Loreal products"(the big lie)

They started with my manicure.The interiors of the place was nothing fancy , almost like any local parlor, the beautician were not very well groomed themselves, i already had a sinking feeling but now there was no turning back as i had already paid the whole amount.The manicure went pretty fast as the lady had to leave for home, she completed it in 10-12 minutes , she than asked me if i needed my nails to be painted as well,
i got a bit irritated at her question which she could see and quickly got a box of unbranded, lame colors of nail paint to me..i choose a very neutral color..she painted my nails in a haste, my niece does a better job than her it was so damn unprofessional..with the skin around my nails painted as well and gaps on some nails.After that she just vanished..No base coat no top coat..thoroughly unprofessional manicure i had.
I was already pissed on myself for taking such a bad decision.

By now the hair stylist finished with his client and asked me to have a seat started with a head massage which too was done in less than 3 minutes, nothing great about it too, the guy was pretty ignorant started commenting on my hair( i have pretty fine hair)saying this head massage is useless doesn't work , you should go for hair spa's, I ignored him than he did a hair wash ..i asked him what shampoo was he using , he said some herbal shampoo..i was surprised, he went ahead saying all this Lo real products are useless ,he finished washing my hair without conditioning it, i felt cheated by this time i was so damn irritated that i asked him not to do a haircut because i was sure he would screw it i just asked him to blow dry, the dryer he was using dint have  temperature control, he blasted my scalp with heat which i could not tolerate, i asked him to stop, but he kept saying this much heat is good it gives shine, clearly they had a untrained, ignorant,un groomed staff. I had to come back the next morning as well so i decided to not show my anger yet.I left very unhappy and irritated.

The next day i had a facial, foot massage and diet counselling and skin analysis to be done.Started with the facial and foot massage which was pretty OK, and again they used some herbal products that i have never heard of.The facial did not do anything other thn drying out my skin even further.
The next thing was the dietitian she started by saying how much today we eat unhealthy which had no relevance to anything as i am a pretty healthy eater.She said all kinds of irrelevant things for eg.she asked me about what I eat throughout the day ..I told her about my intakes which included everything starting from fruits,sprouts,milk,meat but she still kept blabbering saying stuff which she has already rehearsed all through this years.complete waste of time.In fact she herself looked like she needed a diet plan.

The last thing left was skin analysis and I was hoping really bad that at least this would make some sense but again i was highly disappointed, as this lady entered and sat right in-front of me saying she was the one who was gonna analyse my skin. She started with your skin is pretty clean, you just have a bit of puffy eyes which is due to lack of sleep may be and a bit of dark circles,..we have lot of offers on under eye treatments you can go for it..there are special discounts,she handed me a booklet when i asked her so what about my skin analysis to which she replied ya its done you have dry skin go for this hydrating facials, and I could not believe myself, this was the bloody skin analyses that they did, whatever she said even a 10 year old kid could do that analyses..god damn I have a mirror at home if i wanted to know that my eyes are puffy coz of less sleep or my skin is pretty clear why the hell would i go to this morons, by the time i was done there was no one in the reception..i did not have the time to wait to blast on them as i was travelling in few hours.

Hence here I am sharing my experience which might help at least some from not repeating my mistake.Do not ever ever think of going to Vibes at least the hitec city one, they are full of untrained ,useless staff, you would just end up wasting your money in crappy services, any local parlors would do exactly the same thing what vibes has to offer..and I am sure only people who get vouchers are coming there, next time you get vibes voucher just throw it in the dustbin,it is a waste of time and money, you better go home take a nice hot shower.I regretted spending 1900 on such shitty services which was not even worth 500 bucks.It just looks like they are offering a lot but beware its a TRAP!!!