Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pre wedding couple shoot

Yet another beautiful couple we shot around a month back, it was a very last minute call that this couple took to go for a pre wedding shoot and as expected it turned out to be super fun :)

The groom Rajesh called us one fine evening asking if we could do a pre wedding shoot for them in the next couple of days, generally we take around a week time to hunt for locations , plan out the frames we would like to shoot, shop for accessories needed to setup the frame and so on, but this one was a bit different, as our hands were already full with work but we decided to take it up.

We met the couple the next day evening to know them a bit before the shoot and decide on the attire.. they came across as a fun loving and energetic couple which was a huge plus :) we decided to have the shoot the next morning itself now this was quite challenging because of the time constraints...we headed straight towards buying some props that might be useful, finalized on a location, sketched out some frames, charged batteries, got all the instruments in place and packed our bags for the next day.

The next day was gonna start quite early i.e 6am in the morning. From our experience we were pretty sure the couple would not turn up on time but to our surprise this was one exception, they turned up on location bang on time, quite impressive, so without any delays we started with our shoot and I must say it went on pretty smooth, Rajesh and Meghna had a beautiful chemistry, the love  that they had between them was clearly seen through. What a lovely couple to work with.

one of the setup that we did for the couple :)

God bless you guys :)
The couple having a fun time.
Full on nautanki :D

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