Sunday, November 6, 2016

Photoblog : Pondicherry with us ...( Hyderabad to Pondicherry)


We (Me and my husband) were planning for a trip for the weekend which wont be very far from Hyderabad, we did shortlist couple of option but than zeroed down on Pondicherry as the other location we had already visited and also this one was pending on our list since long :)


We figured that the fastest way to reach pondy from Hyd was by Bus. Train journey was longer and there were no direct flights, hence we booked a bus from Hyd to pondy through redbus,in
The bus was quite comfortable and economical as well.

P.S : Please check the departure time of the Bus on there individual website as it is often displayed wrong on Redbus, we almost missed our bus due to this confusion . well that's a different story altogether. so do reconfirm the bus timings with the operator .

                                               Morning Star tours and travel bus


Day 1:

We reached around 8 am in the morning, through our online search we had the phone number of the bike rental guy. Renting a bike is one of the good options available in Pondy, it made our trip very convenient.
The bike rental was around 700m from the bus stop . The guy was very helpful ..he actually gave us a route map of the tourist attractions in Pondy. We rented an Activa which was 300 Rs a day.
Shop details : Vijay Arya two wheeler rentals.
                     Thennanjalai road, Beside Passport office.

phone no. Mr.Joshi: 9345425099
                Jayakumar : 9600334488

                                                  The bike rent place


We had pre booked our hotel through Goibibo in advance and got a great deal.
Our booking was for hotel Accord for a day as we were returning back Hyd the next day evening.
The property was around 3km from the bus stand, but we could reach conveniently all thanks to our just rented Activa .
The check-in time was 12 noon and we reached there around 9.30 but the front desk lady was very welcoming and helpful, she gave us an early check-in that too for no extra charge..yayyy!!!
The rooms were very comfortable and well maintained.
we freshened up took a shower in the very sexy bath tub and headed out to explore pondy :)
                                                               Hotel ACCORD

Auroville :

We started with Auroville as it was quite far from our Hotel and also in the opposite direction from the French colony..When we reached it was almost 12 in the noon and the weather was not at all what we needed. It was hot and Humid in the month of October.It was long walk to reach the globe of Auroville and all you can see it is from outside.To see it from inside you have to book your slot the previous day, we couldn't do that as we were returning the next day, By the time we reached the globe the tiredness from the travel and Hunger was taking over us, we decided to get out of there and find something to eat, through our google search we found a place called Tanto pizzeria which had good reviews so without thinking any further we headed towards TANTO.

                                                       The Auroville

With a lot of anticipation we ordered a global sea pizza and chicken lasagna hoping that it would be the best food we would have tasted so far in our life :P but unfortunately we had set our expectation a bit too high..the first bite into the pizza and it was a huge disappointment, Even the presentation was lame it came on a steel plate.
Highly overrated place with over priced food, I started doubting my google search skills ..

Anyways so we moved on from there to the Auroville beach , it was too Damn hot and there was not a shade to be seen on the beach, may be if the weather would have been better we would have liked the beach but at that point of time we just wanted to head back to our cozy comfortable hotel room.

The drive in the terrible hot sun was not that pleasing we kindda got lost and had to ask people every 100m and to our surprise none of them knew about hotel Accord and we thought it was a 5 star :P

We managed to reach back our hotel and crashed on the super cozy king size bed, by the time we woke up it was we had time constraint we pushed our self out of the bed got ready and headed towards the french colony on our bike, unfortunately it was already dark we had some snacks besides the beach...Bikes were not allowed after 4pm on the beach road, so we had to park it and walk along the beach road it was quite nice ..the weather by this time had cooled down and it was nice and breezy, After a good hour of lazing around the beach it was time to feed our self again :P

We planned to checkout the eateries around..the French colony was like a puzzle..we kept going around the lanes ending up at the same place every time..
We roamed around a little more on our bike tried couple of more dishes in different restaurants in the colony and finally headed back to Accord.

Day 2:

Woke up really tired went down had the breakfast that came along with the package which was quite good.
Went back to the room and were about the start packing up to leave back to Hyd but than suddenly Hubby decided to stay back for another day and i agreed at once :D we canceled our bus tickets..continued with the bike for another day and booked another hotel just to try out ;)
Checked out from hotel Accord and checked in to "Shenbaga Hotel"..the lobby looked good but the rooms in Accord was a tad bit better than Shenbaga.

Rested for sometime and than again repeated the french colony expedition :P Bumped into "Ole cafe" in search of good coffee and it was good too..overall the food was good in Pondicherry other than the Tanto experience everything else was good.

                                                             Hotel Shenbaga lobby

                                                   Gandhi beach in the evening..

Day 3:
Woke up had the complimentary breakfast which was good again, packed our bags and left for Hyd feeling quite relaxed and content.

                                                    Breakfast buffet

P.S :
- If your are expecting Pondy to be like Goa than you would be disappointed.
-Booze and smoking is not allowed on the beach areas.
-Not as loud and happening as Goa.
-Peaceful, serene, relaxing, are some adjectives that defines Pondicherry :)

Following are the pictures from the trip:

                                                         The Paradise Beach

                                                             The French Colony

                                             Colorful Buildings in the french colony

                                         Gandhi beach, promenade beach (its the same beach with different names)