Saturday, August 5, 2017

Wine Capital Of India: The Vineyards of Nasik

July is here and my favorite season of the year too, I just love rains so like every other year We packed our bags and headed straight to one of the best places to be during monsoon, My Hometown "Nasik" :)
At the rate at which people are traveling these days the day is not far when Nasik would become one of the tourist destination as it has everything from beautiful calm hills to splendid sceneries, vineyards, unexplored places and of course religious places that most of the people come here for.
So today I would cover one of the chapters of our monsoon trip to Nasik which is "The Vineyard"

Chapter 01 : The Vineyards of Nasik

So we reached Nasik early morning and it was beautiful, the weather was just perfect, cold breeze with light drizzle just made the whole atmosphere magical, we just had handful days to soak in the monsoon completely so we decided to start with the vineyards as we were quite tired from our travel to go trekking already :P

Sula Vineyards:
We started the winery expedition with Sula Vineyards, one of the most known names even outside Nasik..the winery is spread across huge acres of land and during monsoon, everything just turns into a lush green paradise.
Sula has two restaurants "Soma" and "Little Italy" one amphitheater which you could rent out for your special occasions too, a resort "Beyond by Sula" and a tasting room in their Nasik estate.
They offer tours and tasting which is conducted throughout the year except for the dry days, it takes place every hour, you could check out more details about Sua vineyards here:

York :
York is just 2 km from Sua vineyards and if you are someone who wants to avoid the crowd then this is a place for you as it is less crowded than Sula and has an equally splendid view of the Gangapur dam. They offer tours and tasting too.though this facility is not as huge as Sula but it is a must visit if you are a wine lover.

you could check out more details about York here :

Soma Wine Village:

Soma vineyard is another beautifully located place with their own resort and a spectacularly close view of the Gangapur Dam.this one is also spread across huge acres of land and is a treat to the eyes with beautiful green surroundings.

You could find all information about Soma wine village here :

There are many more vineyards in Nasik but due to time constraints, we decided to check them out in our next trip..Some of the ones that we could not cover were:

-Grover Zampa Vineyards -
-Vallonne Vineyards          -

If there are any other winery that I missed do comment below and also do let us know your favorite pick :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Weekend getaway around Hyderabad | Ananthgiri Hills

The month of June is here...yay!!! its monsoon, time to take as many weekend trips as possible :)
I personally love the smell of the wet Earth ,it just renders deep into the soul making everything so much more relaxed and peaceful. Anyways without further ado, let's jump right into our weekend trip to Ananthagiri hills.

Month of Travel: End of June

Mode of Travel:

We a group of 4 friends traveled by car.Ananthagiri is 70 km approx from Hyderabad and travelling by road is the best option if you want to enjoy the weather and scenery, though I believe you could take a train as well til the vikarabad station.  We started early in the morning at around 7 am and reached Ananthagiri by 9.30 am With a break for breakfast on the way.

                                                                  On the way :)
On the way breakfast from a small joint

Places to see in Ananthagiri:

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple:

This temple is located in Ananthagiri Hills, about 75 km from Hyderabad. Lord Vishnu is in the form of Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy and Ananthagiri is named after him.


There are two trekking trails in the forest, one that begins from the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple and another that begins about 0.5 kilometers from the temple, that is right opposite to the temple gate.

Trail 01:

                                                 The forest right beside the temple

Trail 02: The second trail is about 0.5 km opposite from the temple gate.

                                                       Viewpoint at the end of trail 2

 We also drove around 2-3 km from the temple and found some interesting viewpoints, the whole place is lush green and less crowded, though the whole experience would have been much better with rains, nevertheless, it was a good break from the concrete jungle that we dwell in.

 As the Sun was getting hotter and hotter we did not bother to find the lake and decided to head back to Hyderabad and have our lunch as we were really hungry by now.

Were we had Lunch: 

The drive to Hyderabad was pleasant but as i already mentioned ..we missed the rain big time, so we headed to this Arabian Mandi place which is quite famous in Tolli chowki  named " Al -Zaara matbaq Al- Mandi"  heard a lot about the outstanding Mandi that this place serves and went with a lot of expectation.

The place is setup in an authentic way with floor sitting and private cabins, we waited impatiently for our mandi to arrive but it was not really as expected. We have definitely had better Mandi in Hyderabad this place just came across much hyped. Anywho we finished our Mandi and headed back home relaxed and content.

Do check out "Ananthagiri Hills" if you are looking fora getaways from hyderabad, if you are  a nature lover you would definitely love this place .

Some more pics from the trip:

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Kodaikanal " The princess of Hills " (Hyderabad to Kodaikanal)

It was end of May and all we were hoping for was a downpour to cool down the thirsty Earth, but looked like the rain gods were not in any mood of showing up, so in a desperate attempt to run away from this torturous heat Big B(my Elder brother) and us decided to chase the rain and travel to the princess of hills " Kodaikanal"
 At once we started our search for ways to reach Kodaikanal and we quickly learned that there were no direct ways of reaching Kodaikanal, the only way was to reach Coimbatore and take a cab/taxi or bus to Kodaikanal which was around 180km from Coimbatore.
As this was a very last minute decision all the trains were full and flight very pricey the only option left was private bus and we were determined to go, so without any further ado, we booked ourselves Kallada travels sleeper bus which took around 13 hours to reach Coimbatore from Hyderabad.
Next thing was to book our stay, we opened our Goibibo app checked out the go stays and zeroed on "The seven grand roads Hotel".
We were traveling in the first week of June and the temperature in Hyderabad was a whopping 40 degree, took the evening bus and reached Coimbatore next day morning.

Coimbatore to Kodaikanal:

-There was an option to take the local bus which is very frequently available from Coimbatore to Palani and from Palani you take another bus for Kodaikanal. after the 13-14 hrs bus journey we were in no mood of taking a bus again
-We started enquiring for the cabs in the nearby travel shops, most of them quoted 4k for one way and around 8k for two way which we would be quite high. We checked with the Ola outstation and that made more sense to us as it was coming around 5k for 400km which was decent, we booked our Ola outstation cab and it was at our service within 30 min in which we finished having our breakfast from a nearby shop.
-Our Cab took around 4.5 hours to reach Kodaikanal it was almost 5 pm in the evening when we reached.

Day 1 in Kodaikanal:

- We checked into our Hotel which was decent nothing fancy about it, the only plus about the hotel was its location .It was very centrally located to all the main attraction in Kodai and also to all the famous eateries.
                                           The Hotel We stayed

- We dumped our bags and headed straight to Kodai lake which was just 1.5km away..the weather was outstanding just what we needed, from 40 degrees Hyderabad to 17 degrees in Kodai what a pleasant change it was.
-As it was already 6 pm the boating was closed, the next stop was Bryant Park which was right beside the Kodai lake.. we took a stroll around the lake and hogged on the local food, it was truly serene and wonderful.

Food :
Tibetans Brother:
By now we were quite hungry, we had a list of places to try out from and fortunately all those places were right around our hotel. We tried there Thupka which is basically soupy noodles. it was quite filling and yum.
                                            Chicken and egg thumpka

Right beside that there was a joint named Munchies with a cute little outdoor seating we ordered some hot chocolate and fries and lazed around chit chatting and taking in the fresh air for some more time before heading back to the Hotel.

Day 2 in Kodaikanal:

- Woke up early and got ready to check out the "Bear Shola Falls" it was a perfect misty morning so calm, so fresh.
- Bear shola was around 5km from where we stayed and we decided to walk, it was quite isolated, it was only us around that place. We had the whole place for ourselves, lazed around clicked loads of pics and headed back.
                                                            Path to Bear Shola Falls.

- By this time there were these hawkers starting off selling steaming hot idlis and chai, they were delicate and super yum that too quite cheap.
- On the way back we halted at the Kodai lake hired a double rider cycle and took around the lake which was huge, it took us almost 30 min to complete.
                                                                     The Kodai Lake
-We headed back to the Hotel freshened up and headed to the other spots in our Ola cab.
- The first spot was " Moirs point" a beautiful location with clouds floating around like cotton candy.
-Then it was the pine forest, Guna caves, Pillar rocks, green valley view all 1-2 km away and on the way.
                                                             Upper Lake View
                                                                    Pillars Rock
                                                                 Moir's Point

                                                                 Guna Caves
- The last one was Dolphins nose were you had to trek almost 2 km to reach it was one of the most beautiful walk thanks to the weather, all this while it kept drizzling on and off and it made the whole experience even more fruitful and scenic.

                                                              Dolphin's Nose Trek way
- All the points took us around 3-4 hours to complete it was like around pathway from our hotel.


-This was a place we had our lunch while coming from Coimbatore to Kodai we spotted the same hotel very close to our hotel and decided to have lunch there. The biryanis are famous but we enjoyed the food better in the Coimbatore branch.

- By now it started raining we headed back to our hotel and rested for some time.
-After an hour of resting and 2 cups of hot chocolate, we went back to the Kodai lake for a boat ride.It was raining quite heavily by now but we were determined to take a boat ride. we waited till the rains turned into a drizzle and took our pedal boat but the moment we started it started raining again and we were completely drenched by the time we finished our ride. It was one of its kind experience all drenched we had a hot cup of tea and headed towards our last point " Coakers walk"

                                                         Boat ride in Kodai lake

-It was just 1 km from the lake, the rain had stopped by now we took a walk and clicked a lot of pics at the Coakers walk while having fresh carrots.

                                                     View from Coakers walk


-It was food time again and this time we went to a place called "cloud street" which was just 100 meters from our hotel. It was a nice cozy place we ordered some cottage cheese pie and pizza and both of the dishes were good. Food in general in Kodai matched up to our level of expectations. everything we tried from the roadside hot chocolate drink to restaurants to small joints served good food.
Chicken PIzza
                                                             Cottage cheese Pie

- We decided to take a walk on the streets before heading back to the hotel and packing our bags for the next morning to head back home.
- We had a cheesecake at the Munchies and it was one of the best cheesecake I had in some time.
- We headed back to our room feeling all content and happy.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Pallete of Dreams: Photoblog : Pondicherry with us ...( Hyderabad to ...

Pallete of Dreams: Photoblog : Pondicherry with us ...( Hyderabad to ...: WHY PONDY?? We (Me and my husband) were planning for a trip for the weekend which wont be very far from Hyderabad, we did shortlist c...

Ciclo Cafe Hyderabad


So today the place we are gonna talk about is a cafe opened at Jubilee Hills named "Ciclo".
Ok  so first things first since the opening of this place i was confused about the pronounciation of the name , initialy i thought it was "Sis-lo"... later I was told that it is "Cycle-o" but finally when one fine day we decided to visit this place the manager enlighted us with the proper pronounciation and it was "Cheek-lo"!! Ya i know right, i would have never got it right if they dint tell :P

This is basically a paradise for cyclist ,you will find all kind of cycle and accessories here ranging from beginners to expert level high end cycles. The moment you enter you will see an array of cycles lined up.Even the washrooms were cycle themed :P
You can hire any cycle and accesories or even buy them.
The decor is done entirely with cycles and accesories like wheels, cycle seats, handles and so on.
It a very innovative concept to convert a cycle garage into a restraunt. The ambiance is quite feel good.

                                                    Cycles on display
                                                       Washroom :P
                                                   The entrance

They had seating on 1st floor too, the entire space is quite spacious and has a lot of different decors to choose from, we went right up stairs to check out the floor and also decided to go for something to drink as it was way too early for dinner.
The first floor is done equally well maintaining the same theme, it was very spacious and could accomodate a lot of people before looking crowded.We ordered for a peanut butter smoothie and some french fries and it was not bad at all, the french fries came in a cute little cycle auto :D

                                                             Wall Decors

                                                          Peanut butter smoothie

In all a good place for anybody from familes, couples, singles, friends to hangout.
The other piece of information we got was that they have this cycling tour every sunday were all the enthusiasts gather at 6am I guess ,start from Ciclo and end at the same place, upon arrival breakfast is served and then you disperse .This whole thing cost around 600/- if I am not wrong.In case you have your own cycle and would like to join the group you can do that too with a breakfast on arrival which would be for 250/- .Can be great team activity for people into cycling or fitness :)