Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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Ciclo Cafe Hyderabad


So today the place we are gonna talk about is a cafe opened at Jubilee Hills named "Ciclo".
Ok  so first things first since the opening of this place i was confused about the pronounciation of the name , initialy i thought it was "Sis-lo"... later I was told that it is "Cycle-o" but finally when one fine day we decided to visit this place the manager enlighted us with the proper pronounciation and it was "Cheek-lo"!! Ya i know right, i would have never got it right if they dint tell :P

This is basically a paradise for cyclist ,you will find all kind of cycle and accessories here ranging from beginners to expert level high end cycles. The moment you enter you will see an array of cycles lined up.Even the washrooms were cycle themed :P
You can hire any cycle and accesories or even buy them.
The decor is done entirely with cycles and accesories like wheels, cycle seats, handles and so on.
It a very innovative concept to convert a cycle garage into a restraunt. The ambiance is quite feel good.

                                                    Cycles on display
                                                       Washroom :P
                                                   The entrance

They had seating on 1st floor too, the entire space is quite spacious and has a lot of different decors to choose from, we went right up stairs to check out the floor and also decided to go for something to drink as it was way too early for dinner.
The first floor is done equally well maintaining the same theme, it was very spacious and could accomodate a lot of people before looking crowded.We ordered for a peanut butter smoothie and some french fries and it was not bad at all, the french fries came in a cute little cycle auto :D

                                                             Wall Decors

                                                          Peanut butter smoothie

In all a good place for anybody from familes, couples, singles, friends to hangout.
The other piece of information we got was that they have this cycling tour every sunday were all the enthusiasts gather at 6am I guess ,start from Ciclo and end at the same place, upon arrival breakfast is served and then you disperse .This whole thing cost around 600/- if I am not wrong.In case you have your own cycle and would like to join the group you can do that too with a breakfast on arrival which would be for 250/- .Can be great team activity for people into cycling or fitness :)